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Speech Therapy

Statistics have shown that most of the children that come to Roshd center are experiencing delays in speech and language development. This difficulty belongs to the category of lingual disorders and becomes apparent in kids in one of the following ways :

  • The child does not speak similarly to his/her peers
  • Speech is not understandable
  • The child does not speak at all, and his/her cognition is not incongruence with social norms

In addition to lingual disorders, speech disorders which include speech production and proper pronunciation, stuttering, and ingestion difficulties are also common. Also, in some cases vocal problems can be observed which may be due to different psychological, practical, or physical causes.

In essence, speech therapy's goal is to correct and rehabilitate physical problems which have caused difficulties in the communication of the child. This is when communication becomes possible through speech, language, or in non-verbal forms, which are facial or body gestures, reading, and writing.

Based on the type and degree of disorder as assessed during the primary tests, treatment takes place through a wide range of physical and instructional activities, stimulation of the senses, motor stimulation, and behavioral therapy.

Treatment plans for Roshd's children (based on their abilities) and their improvements are checked regularly so that they can communicate with others in their environment the best possible way.

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