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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy improves children's abilities to increase their quality of life and have an active and productive social presence. Children of Roshd are generally ones with delayed development, learning disabilities, autism, and behavioral problems. Since some physical and motor limitations also exist in kids with different disabilities, occupational therapists at the center evaluate each individual child and offer him/her the following aids either individually or in groups:

  • Improving motor skills (running, jumping over barriers, passing, etc…)
  • Improving motor coordination and practicality of hands (using scissors, writing, using tools, etc…)
  • Instructing primary concepts for better communication and social presence (recognizing colors, body parts, interpersonal interactions, etc…)
  • Improving drawing skills and painting (using different writing tools, painting, writing, etc…)
  • Improving motor-cognitive skills (focus and attention, ability to mimic a model, copying, individual and group games, etc…)
  • Improving Activity of Daily Living (ADL) (independence in using the restroom, eating, getting dressed, etc…)
  • Improving and easing behavioral and acceptance skills (teaching social behaviors, modifying behaviors, sensory integration, etc…)
  • Easing an effective relationship with the surrounding environment, tolerating class, relating to peers, eliminating repetitive and self-destructive behaviors, etc…)
  • Correcting physical disorders (improving limb deformities, encouraging the use of physically helpful devices such as wheelchairs, splints, walkers, etc…)

Our experience at the center has demonstrated that periodic meetings with the guardians in order to provide them with treatment guidance can be tremendously effective in their child's improvement.

Occupational therapists are highly knowledgeable and able in combining therapeutic activities with daily functions in class and at home. At Roshd center as well, regular and organized programs are offered in class and at home for the kids.

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