Roshd Learning Disability Center
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For different occasions, every year Roshd center holds a variety of celebrations which include parties, special lunches, along with group dances and other joyful activities. At these events, children wear happy and colorful clothes and play in groups or individually in the events room, play ground, or garden. With this, they go through a happy and memorable day.

Some of these events are as follows:

  • May 2nd--Teacher's Day. On this day, the best trainers are appreciated and officially thanked.
  • Last week of summer--celebration of beginning school for those children who will be entering school that year.
  • December 3rd--Celebration of international Day of Disabled Persons. group musical performance.
  • February 3rd--anniversary of Roshd's initiation
  • Last week of winter—Iranian New Year celebration ( Norouz )

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Roshd Learning Disability Center