Roshd Learning Disability Center
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Special Education

Goals for the children:
  • Gaining awareness of surrounding environment and self which serves as a foundation for accepting responsibilities and moving towards self development.
  • Communicating effectively and productively with others
  • Accepting social responsibilities
  • Becoming prepared for school attendance
These goals become attainable through activities of this sort:
  • Developing the five senses
  • Increasing attention and focus
  • Developing social skills and self-help (eating and drinking, getting dressed, self-hygiene)
  • Comprehending concepts step by step (basic to complex, easy to difficult, etc…)
  • Language training (supplementing the comprehension of language along with the child's speech based on his/her abilities)
  • Sharing general information or common sense
  • Developing motor skills
  • Creating foundations for the comprehension of mathematical concepts
  • Reading and writing
  • Using the computer and unique soft wares for children with learning disabilities

Within the duration of 22 years, this center has been able to send 400 children to special education schools and about 60 children to regular schools. Two of the initial patients of this center are currently studying at one of the country's universities, and many of the center's boys and girls are gaining skills through the areas of study provided by the different sectors of the Behzisti (Welfare) Organization. Some have also entered the work force.

We have also discovered that experiencing the sunlight, trees, and natural life, and constantly being in touch with the lively energy of nature during their years of activity reinforces the joy of living in our children. It helps them look forward to learning, growing, and enjoying the beautiful moments of their lives.

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Roshd Learning Disability Center