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Counseling and Psychology

Counseling is one of the key activities here at the center, and it takes place steadily and systematically. It consists of offering the following:

sessions with the family include:

-Helping the family maintain household order

-Eliminating behavioral disorders in the child

-Guiding guardians to have effective interactions with the child

-Group or individual consultation sessions to inform the guardians of the child's status in the center, steps which have been taken, and the improvements that the steps may have caused in different areas

sessions with the trainers and the specialists include:

-Holding meetings with the trainers and specialists (separately) with the center's manager

-Consulting trainers about how to raise scholastic and capability levels in children

-Holding continuing education classes for the trainers by university professors or the rehabilitation team of Roshd with the goals of increasing their practical knowledge so they can better support the children

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Roshd Learning Disability Center