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IQ test

In order to evaluate the general mental status of the child, create an instruction plan, properly place him/her in the right programs, and to register the child at Roshd Development Rehabilitation Center, an IQ test is administered. This is generally repeated on a yearly basis.

Verbal and non-verbal tests which are used for the above intentions are as follows:


  • Goodenough Test
  • Knox Cube Test
  • Proteus Maze Test
  • Raven's Progressive Matrices for Children Test
  • Slosson Test
  • Assessment of the Child's Mental Abilities
  • Wexler Test

After administering the test, based on the mental abilities of the child, a special instructional program is produced and the proper classes in tune with his/her skills and capabilities are selected. This allows the child to take the most advantage of what the center has to offer.

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